Chingona Warrior - Behind the Name

By Savannah Castaneda

Hola chingonas,

Welcome to Chingona Warrior

Many have asked why "Chingona Warrior"? As stated on our web site's homepage, we interpret "chingona" to mean a badass womxn. A mujer who is fearless, who is powerful, who lives in their purpose, who speaks up and speaks out, who loves hard and fights harder, who represents their cultura, and who doesn't give a sh*t. Chingonas are the strong Latina/xs that are independent, bosses, strong, and bold.

But chingona didn't always mean this. Throughout many Latin American and Latinx communities in the U.S., the word has had negative associations attached to it. In many households, the word has historically been used by some generations to describe Mujeres who are "trouble makers," "hard-headed," "difficult," "aggressive," outspoken, and "too much." It has historically been used against or towards womxn who cannot be controlled. Today, we are taking back this word to empower ourselves. We are taking it back to build community amongst one another. We are taking it back to remind ourselves that we are womxn who get sh*t done.

The warrior element was chosen because of my past -- the struggles, violence, and pain I have overcome and fight through every day. Like millions of other womxn all over the world, I have been emotionally, mentally, and physically abused, have witnessed and experienced community violence, racism, sexism, sexual harassment, and am the first-generation of many things. Like many other womxn, I grew up in a low-income household that scraped by day-to-day to pay bills, to keep rent going, to keep the lights on, and to keep food on the table. And like many other womxn, despite these traumas, pain, and struggles, I continue to keep it pushin' every day. No matter how tired we are, how many times we've cried at night or in the shower, or how many times we feel like giving up, it's the fire in our souls, the warrior blood in our veins, and the love in our hearts that keep us going. We are the symbol of resiliency, commitment, and dedication.

I hope Chingona Warrior reminds you that you are a badass, fearless womxn who knows how to fight through the struggle, who loves herself, and who never settles. YOU provided yourself with everything you have needed up to this point, so never forget the badass warrior within you that helped you get here.


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