Rose from the Concrete

By Savannah Castaneda

Chingona Warrior's first collection, "Rose from the Concrete," was produced to help us remember where we come from and what we have gone through.

The concrete can be anything - it can be your ancestor's history, your childhood home, your family, your old/current hood, your circumstances, your past relationships, or your mental health. It is anything that has helped you grow and has molded you into the womxn you are today.

No one can ever take away the struggles and challenges you have overcome. And you should always remain proud of yourself for pushing through things that once broke you...through issues that once made you cry in the shower for hours on end...through circumstances that made you experience anxiety, depression, and stress...through the physical and mental health issues that made you not want to get out of bed...through those financial struggles that made you question if you were going to have to choose between rent or food...through the stress of being a first-generation daughter, scholar, professional, business owner, etc. We have overcome so much and have blossomed into beautiful womxn that are wiser, stronger, more powerful, and more fearless.

Despite overcoming so many things, we'll always have moments of doubt. Whether we're questioning our abilities, intelligence, skills, or experiences, we have to remember where we have been, where we come from, what we have worked through to be where we are, and where we strive to go. Whatever it is you want to do, you CAN do it. Even on your lowest days, I need you to remember that you're a badass, dope, smart, powerful ass womxn that gets shit done. I need you to remember that you are beautiful inside and out. I need you to remember that you are worthy. I need you to remember that you are capable. And I need you to remember these things despite your "thorns" AKA our traumas, our mistakes, our emotional scars, our bad habits we're working through, and our past struggles.

No one but yourself can stop you, chingona. Walk in your purpose and prove everyone wrong.


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