About Us

Hola fellow Chingona,

I am a proud first-generation Latina scholar, activist, dreamer, thinker, & community builder.

I decided to create this company and brand, Chingona Warrior, for all the womxn who are (or are on their journey to becoming) confident and fearless. I hope this space makes you feel empowered, brave, appreciated, heard, and seen. Because as Latinas and Latinxs, we are powerful. 

Confidence, fearlessness, and authenticity are the foundation of this company and brand.

 Due to traumatic events like domestic abuse, discrimination, mental health issues, and community violence, I was once very far away from the womxn I am today. It took me years to heal and to find my voice & self-love again, and that's why I want to help other mujeres get to that stage of their lives. Especially womxn from the hood, and Latinas and Latinxs who are seeking to break barriers and change traditions. Because despite the resiliency we build from our circumstances and environments, we deserve care, protection, and love.

I hope this space allows you to heal, grow, and love yourself.

P.S. Read through our blogs to learn more about us!

With love,

Savannah, Chingona Warrior Founder & Owner