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Chingona Warrior is a Latina-owned lifestyle and streetwear fashion brand that celebrates the struggles and beauties that come with being a Latina, Latino, y Latinx/é.

For us, a chingona is any bad-ass Latina or Latinx/é who chooses to live their life on their own terms, is authentic, is proud of their roots & is fearless.

We are rooted in culture, neighborhood and community.

Our energy, roots, and warrior spirit are what make us.


The Voices & Stories of Powerful, Brave Mujeres y Latinxs

Latina and Latinx Beauty - Defying White Standards

As a Latina girl, I always struggled with self-love, both internal and external. Especially because white standards became our societal norm of "ideal" beauty and they outlined what type of woman you should strive to look like if you wanted to feel wanted and sexy. It was hard to love my brown skin, curves, and long, wavy, jet black hair. Bodily self-love is a journey many Latinas and Latinxs struggle with, but I hope you know that you're not alone.

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How To Be A Chingona 101

Learning how to be a chingona is pretty easy, and you can learn how to be one here. This is for every Latina and Latinx who needs a reminder that they're a bad-ass, fearless mujer who should be unapologetic about being themselves.

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Comparing Yourself Is A Hard Habit To Break

Do you constantly compare yourself to others? Your body, career, success, money, family, your home, your business, the path your life has taken. You ain't alone, homegirl. We all got that bad habit to break, but let's get through it together.

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