Chingona Warrior's mission is to make Latinas and Latinxs feel more represented, more empowered, and more unapologetic about being themselves by creating streetwear clothing, accessories, and home items that reflect our roots, culture, and flyness 


Chingona Warrior's brand is founded on the following values: 

  • Familia: Provide support, love, and protection to all the homegirls.
  • Inclusiveness & Diversity: All shades, body types, sizes, identities, and countries are accepted and welcomed here.
  • Authenticity: Be yourself 1000%, 24/7. Love your whole self -- the good, bad, healed, and even the parts of yourself that need improvement.
  • Community: Have your homegirls' back. Call them out when they're wrong AND celebrate their wins!
  • No Hate, All Love: Like it says, NO hate will be accepted here.
  • Empowerment: For ourselves and for other mujeres. No competition or comparing.