How To Be A Chingona 101

By Savannah Castaneda

Wanna know how to be a chingona?


Well, in all honesty, it's pretty yourself. 


To me, a chingona is someone who loves themselves sooo much, that they never try to be somebody else. They are their authentic selves 24/7. And that, to me, is pretty dope. 


To be a chingona is to love yourself whole heartedly - the good, the beautiful, the ugly, and the "in the works" flaws (or what you think are flaws).

It means that you don't let fear hold you back --

hold you back from applying to that job you might be "unqualified" for; from speaking to that cute boy or girl that you see at the bar or at work because you don't think "you're good enough or pretty enough;" from making that move across the country because you don't know anyone; from not starting that passion project because you don't think you're good at that hobby anyways; from not starting that small business because you don't think you'll be successful; or from pursuing that new career that would make no sense to your friends or family. 


Chingonas don't let fear hold them back from pursuing their dreams. They chase that fire that's within them. Our fire within us helps us feel joy each day we wake up, and it's what pushes us to move forward even when things are difficult. Being a chingona means having fire in your soul and love in your heart. 


To be a chingona is to know that you have conquered situations that you thought would have killed you. But you came out stronger. We shouldn't have to be resilient, but unfortunately, because of the circumstances many Latinas and Latinxs experience, we are. Because historically we have had to be. But being a chingona means carrying that warrior spirit inside of you while still being soft, loving, and caring to those you love. Being a chingona is like being a rose - we are strong, beautiful, sharp, edgy, delicate, and soft, all at the same time. 


If you really wanna be a chingona, stop chasing perfection. Stop chasing the things and people that don't make you happy. Stop chasing what you "think" you're supposed to be. Be YOU! Be that dope, cool, intersectional mujer that you love. And if you think you'll lose people by being yourself...well, GOOD! Those people shouldn't be in your life anyway! Your circle might get smaller, homegirl, but you'll be way happier having people around who are really down for you like you are for them. Being a chingona means standing on your own and not being scared to wait for what you deserve. 


And, be a chingona is to love your roots. Being a chingona means appreciating your history and being proud of where you come from. It means appreciating your ancestors, grandparents, and parents, and the sacrifices they made. It means appreciating the struggles you went through to get where you are today. No matter how ugly it was, you're proud of what you've gone through and where you've been, because it made you into who you are today. Being a chingona means soaking up the warrior spirit those before you had and turning it into armor that you take with you everyday. We are our ancestors' wildest dreams and THEN SOME. 


Be vocal. Be loud. Stand up & Speak out about what you believe in. Be strong. Be loving. Be you. 


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