What Makes Chingona Warrior Different?

By Savannah Castaneda

Hey homegirl, thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope this gives you some perspective into why I started this small business.


To be honest, there's a lot of Latina-owned and Latina-inspired small businesses. Chingona Warrior is a streetwear Latina-inspired fashion, clothing, and lifestyle brand that probably is similar to other small businesses. For example, I'm sure we're all hustlers; we're all creatives; we're all chasing a dream; and that we're all trying to build our empires for our families and future generations.

But what I hope Chingona Warrior can provide to you all is a mix of the hood, love for Latina and Latinx roots, an unapologetic sense of self, and a dedication to social justice.

I see "chingonas" as those who have warrior spirits AKA those who are passionate, dedicated, and protective of their families, loved ones, beliefs, and voices. They are Mujeres who are trying every day to break generational curses, traumas, and negative patterns. They are the Latinas and Latinxs who are so proud of their roots and culture that they can never shut up about it. They are the proud mijitas who wear their big hoop earrings, red lipstick, and long acrylic nails EVERYYYYYWHERE - including the white corporate spaces. They are the womxn who say, "Don't fuck with my peace," because they are unapologetic about protecting their energy and boundaries. They are also the womxn who are passionate about changing this world and making it better for our future generations.

We're here to make you feel proud about being YOURSELF. To make you feel proud of all your scars, traumas, and pain because they're part of what makes you, YOU. We're also here to make you see your inner and outer beauty and intelligence. We're here to make you feel safe when you yell, "PAY US LATINAS AND LATINXS THE SAME AS THESE WHITE MEN!" because you deserve it, and so do the rest of our hermanas and hermanos. We're here to stand hand in hand with you as we also yell, "PROTECT FARMWORKERS AND IMMIGRANTS!" because we are a community of love. We're here to make you feel connected to your abuelitas and ancestors that are still guiding and protecting you. We're here to encourage you to keep breaking those glass ceilings and dreaming BIG, mijita.

A Chingona Warrior doesn't fit in a box. You were never meant to be controlled or average, bbygrl.

There are many layers to us powerful Latinas and Latinxs, and we're here to give you an avenue to express every part of yourself.


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